Dutch Laura Metaal Road Safety and Vadet from the Slovakian Republic today have signed an exclusive distribution agreement for the Slovakian market for the BarrierGuard 600 and 800 series of products.

The successful BarrierGuard 600 en 800 series of products are being used worldwide and have made the work zones a safer place. BarrierGuard 600 is a lane divider tested at European EN-1317 T3W2 level and BarrierGuard 800 is a high containment steel barrier tested and approved at many levels, including EN-1317 N2, H1, H2 and MASH 2016 TL-3 and TL-3 MDS. Mr. Sveda from Vadet states: “We at Vadet are delighted that we have been able to secure the exclusive distribution of BarrierGuard 600 en 800 for the Slovakian market. The Slovakian roads undergo major extensions and improvements and safety of our workers is a key priority.” Mr. van der Vlist from Laura Metaal added: “We believe that we have found a good partner in Vadet and will fully support their work in making the Slovakian roads safer.”